Gathering of the Green





"It's Not Easy
Being Green"

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"Gathering of the Green"

A biennial nationwide conference for
John Deere collectors, restorers & enthusiasts.


This picture of the pin may be larger than life size
2018 Pin
Price: $10.00
      As we have done in past years, the Gathering of the Green 2018 is offering several merchandise items promoting our theme, “LEGEND, Made Legacy.” Check out the items that you will want to buy to add to or start your collection of Gathering memorabilia. The pins, antique brass belt buckles, and hats are available to order on our REGISTRATION page (for pickup at the conference), or for purchase directly at the conference (pending availability). Consider ordering today so you won’t be disappointed if the item becomes sold out! The special polished buckles will be available at auction at the conference. New for this conference is the availability of non-hat apparel from our merchandising partner, Phelps Custom Image Wear.

This picture of the buckle may be WAY larger than life size

2018 Belt Buckle
Price: $20.00

Each of these antique brass buckles is marked “1 of 200.”

This picture of the buckle may be larger than life size Each of these brilliantly finished brass buckles has a unique green inlay and is marked “1 of 5.” These special buckles will be individually auctioned to the highest bidder during the conference – two at the Fun Auction on Friday, March 23, 2018, and three at the Banquet on Saturday, March 24, 2018. They are not available for advance purchase. Attend the conference to get yours!

This picture of the hat may be smaller than life size

2018 Hat
Price: $15.00

This picture of the shirt may be smaller than life size Apparel

At past Gathering of the Green conferences we have had numerous requests for shirts, tee shirts and sweatshirts with the Gathering logo. We have now partnered with Phelps Custom Image Wear to provide you an opportunity to purchase from a selection of these items. Click on their website link below to make your purchases. They will manage the entire ordering and shipping process.

Phelps Custom Image Wear


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