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"Gathering of the Green"

A biennial nationwide conference for
John Deere collectors, restorers & enthusiasts.



Typical workshop       The Gathering of the Green 2022 will again offer a wide variety of extremely interesting and informative technical, historical and human-interest workshops and drop-in sessions which will appeal to John Deere antique two-cylinderand New Generation tractor enthusiasts - ranging from the beginner to the most experienced. Skilled workshop and drop-in session leaders from across the country will assemble in the Quad Cities March 16-19, to share their experience and knowledge with "Gathering" attendees. Watch for details as workshop topics are confirmed.

      Ladies - we will again have a hospitality area, and even more fun activities for you to participate, learn, and have fun with your friends in 2022!

These are the highlights

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entire three-day workshop schedule HERE

The following workshops are confirmed for the 2022 Gathering of the Green Conference. Please check back often for scheduled times for these workshops and additional workshops that will be added. *

*Workshops may be subject to change.*

Engine Heads and Cooling Systems - Bill and Jared Dies

Thursday 8-9:30am

An interesting discussion of your tractor's cooling system, every type of two-cylinder John Deere head. Will include radiator and engine head inspection, diagnosis, and repair. Head and valve rebuilding and currently available coolant types.

Bill & Jared Dies are an experienced father-son team, who operate their own radiator and automotive service business.

Loctite Products - Brad Perkins

Thursday 8-9:30am

Brad will describe the many excellent Loctite products available to tractor restorers, and share the procedures of proper application of these products, including thread lockers, gasketing products and adhesives.

Brad Perkins has worked for Henkel Corporation as a salesman for Loctite brand products since 1999 and has been a workshop leader at several Gathering Conferences.

GP Tractor Changes & Improvements 1928-1935 - Jack Beck    new

Thursday 8-9:30am

This Workshop will focus on many of the external changes made to the Model GP Standard during its production run from 1928 - 1935. The GP was a work in progress during its entire production run. The material presented is based on my observations and research.

Jack Beck was raised on a dairy farm near Litchfield, Nebraska. Retired from careers in teaching, oil industry research and motor sports, Jack collects and restores John Deere tractors and equipment, including the Model "D", "GP", "B" and implements used with these Tractors.

The Deere "G" Tractor - John Bennehoff and Chris Boyens

Thursday 8-9:30am

Covering the Model G tractor from the beginning of the unstyled to the end of the styled production, including information on parts interchange from year-to-year and details to watch for when buying and/or restoring a "G."

John Bennehoff worked for about eight years as a farm equipment mechanic but has since gone into the tool and die trade. He also operates Dietrac Machine, making various clutch and governor parts for two-cylinders.

Chris Boyens is employed by Deere & Co. as the Brand Standards Manager. He is a member of Deer Valley Collectors and is the founder and president of Classic Green.

The 6030 Tractor - Brad Walk

Thursday 10-11:30am

Brad will share the history and novelties of the 6030 tractor.

Brad Walk owns and operates a diversified grain and livestock farm which consists of cattle, hogs, corn, beans, and wheat. After purchasing his first 6030 tractor in 1998, he developed specializing in buying, selling, and customizing John Deere 6030s.

Tractor Mower and Hay Tool Development 1929-1940 - Jack Beck    new

Thursday 10-11:30am

Jack will provide information on the development of John Deere Mowers designed to be used with Tractors. It will show the progression of the Power Mower, and Ground Driven Mowers during the period of 1929-1940 cumulating with the #5 Mower which was in production longer than any other John Deere Mower. Development of other Hay Tools for use with a Tractor will also be discussed.

Jack Beck was raised on a dairy farm near Litchfield, Nebraska. Retired from careers in teaching, oil industry research and motor sports, Jack collects and restores John Deere tractors and equipment, including the Model "D", "GP", "B" and implements used with these Tractors.

Wreath Making (John Deere Wreath) - Susie Shollenberger

Thursday 10-11:30am

Suzie will host a make-and-take session. This wreath is all about the Yellow and Green. So easy and cute, and Susie will provide all the materials needed for a nominal $15 fee, payable at the workshop.

Susie Shollenberger has been a fresh and silk floral designer for over 25 years in the Quad City Area.

Building a Gratitude Book - Pat Hinderman    new

Thursday 10-11:30am

Pat will share the importance of keeping a gratitude book to remind us of the blessings in our lives and to enjoy the little things. She will share memories from her journal kept since age 14.

Pat Hinderman learned to sew at the age of 9,and enjoyed making clothes for her family as well as dolls. She taught sewing at her local community college, and helps her daughter teach quilting through her church.

History of Barns - Rick Collins

Thursday 10-11:30am

Rick Collins is a Structural Timber Expert. He is recognized internationally for his expertise in both the history and the future of timber frame building, Rick’s portfolio encompasses visionary buildings that redefine the role of wood in the built environment, as well as authentic restoration and preservation work.

Corn Shellers - Randy Kube    new

Thursday 1-2:30pm

Randy will discuss design and operation of the two primary styles of corn shellers, including the models of shellers manufactured by Deere and Company.

John Deere Industrial - Chris Boyens

Thursday 1-2:30pm

Chris will provide an overview of the Industrial Division, including the Moline Division, Dubuque Works, and Davenport Works, as well as an overview of equipment from beginning to present.

Decals - Travis Jorde

Thursday 1-2:30pm

Travis will discuss the application of decals as the final task in the restoration process, giving the tractor a distinctive, finished appearance. He has researched decals used on John Deere tractors and implements and has manufactured them under license since 1972.

After growing up on an Iowa farm, Travis Jorde embarked on his first teaching experience at a junior high school in New Jersey, then returned to the Midwest, settling in Rochester, MN, completing thirty-seven years as an industrial education teacher working with junior high students in metals, motors, drafting, and electronics. His observation of farm equipment, led to him making his own decals in the 1970's. Travis is active in the manufacturing process and oversees the photography, artwork, screen printing, and vinyl cutting of his decals – always keeping authentic detail in mind.

John Deere Powr-Trol Systems - Dan Brotzman

Thursday 1-2:30pm

Dan will cover general information on the Powr-Trol System, including how the system (pumps, valves, rockshaft and cylinders) works, adjustments and basic maintenance.

Dan Brotzman has been a contributor to "Green Magazine" for the past 30 years with restoration tips. He is ASE-certified for heavy truck electrical, diesel and gasoline engines. He began collecting and restoring two-cylinder and New Generation John Deere tractors in 1980, having completed many "frame with an empty transmission case" restorations.

Underutilized Shrubs - Wil Carew    new

Thursday 1-2:30pm

Looking for something a little different, a little out of the ordinary, blooming when others don't, or that next "Wow" plant? Wil reviews overlooked shrubs that could be the next star for your yard!

Wil Carew is a Master Gardener (2005), Master Composter (2005) and Tree Steward (2007) in Linn County, IA. He enjoys sharing his horticultural knowledge with those who enjoy plants and other Master Gardeners, on WMT Radio, the Linn County Horticultural Hot Line, and various classes at Kirkwood Community College, public libraries, and gardening clubs throughout the state.

New Generation Tractor Assessment- Tony Knobbe

Thursday 1-2:30pm

So, you're looking to buy a John Deere New Generation tractor? Join Tony Knobbe in a "walk-around" of a late-model JD 3020 Rowcrop Diesel. We'll walk through his checklist and determine whether this original specimen is truly a low-houred machine. Audience participation is encouraged. Video and screen technology will be employed to give all participants an up-close view of the features of this tractor.

Born and raised on a Western Iowa grain and livestock farm, Tony now raises wheat and barley for a local whiskey distillery, and hay for local farmers. Having spent 33 years in banking, Tony now serves on the Scott County Board of Supervisors, and is Chairman of the Gathering of the Green. He collects and restores John Deere two-cylinder and New Generation tractors which include a "60" that his father purchased new in 1956.

All About Gauges - Jerry Trcka    new

Thursday 1-2:30pm

Jerry will highlight the running changes in oil, temperature, and amperage gauges for various John Deere tractors. He will also discuss molds for recovering old steering wheels.

Jerry Trcka Before restoring tractors and gauges became a full-time career in 2010, he worked in the manufacturing field as a welder and then later in the food industry as a truck driver. His trucking career led to taking the gauges apart and restoring them. In 2005 he and his wife, Missy, started their own business called EverGreen Restoration.

The 8020 Tractor and the Wagner Tractor - Darrell Fischer & Sherry Shaefer

Thursday 3-4:30pm

Darrell will cover the story of the 8020 from early development to final production, including complimentary plows. In addition, Darrel Miller, who helped assemble these tractors, will be there to answer questions and tell some stories. Sherry Schaefer, from "Heritage Iron Magazine" will also be there to tell the story of the Wagner Tractor. The Wagner was a four-wheel drive tractor that Deere purchased prior to the development of the 8020

Darrel Fisher is a long-time farmer from Central Illinois who has collected "anything green" for many years. His favorite is the 8020, but also has a paddle scraper, a Wagner tractor, a low radiator G, an open fan shaft A, and many others.

Hit and Miss Engines - John Boyens & Rie Faulk    new

Thursday 3-4:30pm

Meet author and "E" expert, Rie Fulk, and John Boyens, the magneto and gas engine guru, to learn about the history, different models, and the workings of the most iconic gas engine line in John Deere history.

John Boyens ... bio coming soon

Rie Fulk and his dad started collecting engines in 1978 and started seriously collecting John Deere in 1980. After much research and several trips to the Deere archives, he wrote a book, John Deere Type "E" Gas Engines, and Variations. Rie currently lives near Fort Wayne, IN.

Drop In On Decals - Travis Jorde

Thursday 3-4:30pm

Do you have questions about placement? Do you need some personalized instructions on how to apply the decals to your beautifully restored John Deere tractor? Stop by to address these issues or any other questions you may have.

Slant Dash Deeres - Carl Swisher    new

Thursday 3-4:30pm

Carl will discuss electric start and lighting on John Deere tractors, which first became options on A and B General Purpose and Standard Tread AR-AO, BR-BO (and D) tractors in early Fall, 1939. A heavy cast dash was added that served as a new steering shaft support and the term "slant-dash" was born. Details will include the various configurations and features of the electric start and lighting "slant dashes", concentrating primarily on A and B tractors, including a working list of known survivors, major changes made during production of the slant dashes, evidence, and timing of the start of production, and some archival photos, film and information on the earliest known pre-production electric start and lighting tractors.

For his age, Carl Swisher is a relatively "newbie" to two-cylinders and the Green community. He was drawn to the styling of A and B tractors designed by Henry Dreyfuss for 1939, the history and various changes made on these tractors throughout the war years. He bought a 1939 A with fragments of an electrical system still intact, a steep learning curve and lots of research, brought the A back to life. He found a "B" to go with it, and has added several more!

4020-4000 Production Changes - Dan Brotzman    new

Thursday 3-4:30pm

Dan will focus on many of the production changes that occurred during the 4020-4000 production period from 1964-1972. Many of the production changes have appeared in Green Magazine over Dan's 30 years of writing for Green Magazine, now many of those changes will be consolidated into this single workshop.

Dan Brotzman has been a contributor to "Green Magazine" for the past 30 years with restoration tips. He is ASE-certified for heavy truck electrical, diesel and gasoline engines. He began collecting and restoring two-cylinder and New Generation John Deere tractors in 1980, having completed many "frame with an empty transmission case" restorations.

Field of Dreams - Eldon Trumm    new

Thursday 3-4:30pm

*Bio & Description coming soon*

The Art of the Fine-Tuning a Two-Cylinder Engine - Cork Groth & Craig Schroeder

Thursday 3-4:30pm

Cork will discuss carburetion, ignition, timing, valve adjustment, compression, and the process of getting everything in sync.

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